about KFUC

Korea Federation of University Cooperative (KFUC)

KFUC aims to benefit its member cooperatives through joint businesses, to facilitate the establishment and operation of University Cooperatives by providing technical expertise, and ultimately, to foster a community spirit in college.




Partners for an affluent life in college,  and Mainstays of a cooperative society, pursuing Cooperation, Welfare, and Mutual Interests on- and off-campus.


Mission Statement

University Cooperatives provide their members with the best welfare services, try to realize the value of cooperation on-campus based on the members’ voluntary participation, and support their study and growth.



History of University Cooperatives


  • 1989. The University Cooperative Promotion Committee was established.
  • 1990. Joint purchasing was started.
  • 1995. The meetings with affiliates were systemized for joint business.
  • 1997. The international seminar for university cooperatives was held.
  • 1998. The Consumer Livelihood Cooperative Law was enacted in Korea.
  • 1999. The University Cooperative Center (now Korean University Cooperatives Federation, KUCF) lobbied with the Korean Ministry of Education to promote the establishment of University Cooperatives.
  • 2002. The international student exchange program was kicked off with the National Federation of University Cooperative Associations (NFUCA).
  • 2004. The vision and mission of University Cooperatives were developed.
  • 2005. The standard corporate identity of University Cooperatives was launched.
  • 2009. The 30th University Cooperative School, an annual workshop for student committee members from the affiliates, was held.
  • 2010. The Consumer Livelihood Cooperative Law was changed.

The conference titled “Issues of the Commercialization in Universities and the Role of University Cooperatives” was held.

  • 2011. KUCF was founded.


Government Relations

University cooperatives try to reflect opinions on laws and regulations to creat a supportive and enabling environment for the development.


Support for Establishment

KUCF connects member cooperatives and provides practical support for joint contract and purchasing.



Education and Networking

University Cooperatives organize education programs for their member students, directors, and staff.


International Cooperation

University Cooperatives build up networks with University Cooperatives in other countries―especially in Asia and the Pacific region.


Joint Business

Joint buying among University Cooperatives is a cornerstone of life for health and sustainability. We pursue bulk purchasing, which guarantees lower prices. We select and produce environmentally friendly products. Our cafeteria uses local food rather than imported one. We prefer buying from other cooperatives and social enterprises.


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